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What should I wear?

Bright colors are best, but dark colors can certainly work for layering and dramatic looks. Layering is great! Bring jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and button ups with an undershirt. Make sure clothes are ironed, stain-free, and don't have logos.

Is a consultation necessary?

I highly recommend a consultation. It's beneficial to us both to be on the same page, and preparation is key to a successful headshot session. My goal is to help get you exactly what you're looking for our of your session.

When should I arrive?

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment time. Your time slot allows for time to settle in and go over looks and last minute details. As for tardiness, please be respectful of my time and my clients who may be scheduled after you. Arriving more that 30 minutes late will be subject to rescheduling and thus forfeiting your deposit.

Where do you shoot?

I shoot in West Midtown, Atlanta. I use a combination of natural lighting and studio lighting depending on what the weather allows.

How long is a shoot?

Each look will take approximately 45 minutes.

How many shots do you take?

We shoot until we get what we need from each look - somewhere between 50-75 shots is typical and gives a variety of options.

Do I need a Make-Up Artist?

A Make-Up Artist is not included, but highly recommended to get the most out of your session. I recommend Amy George's work, but you are welcome to bring a MAU of your choice. If you opt to do your own make-up, please bring it with you for touch ups throughout shoot.

Do you retouch images?

Yes, I do a light retouching on one photo per look. Additional retouches done for $25 per photo.

When can I see my photos?

Photos will be shown to you throughout the shoot, and a gallery of your photos will be sent to you within 48 hours of your shoot. Gallery will be available to you for 90 days.

What payments do you accept?

Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Checks, and Apple Pay (Apple Square fee applied at time of transaction). Deposit required at time of booking. Remaining balance is required on shoot date.

Do you offer refunds or reshoots?

There are no refunds and reshoots will only be granted if there is a technical error with the storing of your photos.

Where is the best place to print 8x10s?

My personal favorites are Reproductions and The Pixel Pusher.


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